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Hey all -

I'm excited to announce a new YouTube channel in which I feature time lapse videos of my digital art creation. I had to switch to mostly digital work, even for my fine art, because of an arm injury I endured. It is extremely difficult for me to do physical mediums, and boy does painting all day hurt your arm. The digital work allows me to get into the details I want while accommodating the injury. Enough about my arm though, let's talk about the videos!

Each video is set to music of some sort. I would love to collab with musicians if they have music they wouldn't mind having overlaid my time lapse videos. If you are interested, please email me at:

I realized I love these videos not only for sharing, but also because I can review my process and it's helpful in reflecting. All my artwork is meditative in some capacity, so review of it is extra helpful. To me each process tells an internal story, so in a way it's a journal of where I was at in that moment in time, but an abstract one. I hope people gain some relaxation and insights into their own mental landscapes by sharing these.

I will attempt to update my blog daily as I post them with maybe a little more detailed description. For right now here are the first three. I hope you enjoy!

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